Our Story

Hello, my name is Amy Lucy- welcome to my website!

I am a designer-maker, and I always have been.  As a young girl, I loved playing with doll’s houses, but it wasn’t the dolls and figures themselves that I loved the most; it was designing, decorating, and creating a home. Using any little pieces of scrap I could find, I would transform old bits and bobs in to decorative homeware pieces for my doll’s houses, such as lamps, photographs, rugs, etc.

As I grew older, I discovered that my love for art, design, and creativity was an inherent part of who I was. It was through developing a passion for the Arts that I was able to release and channel my inner creativity. As a naturally creative person, I found that this was something that just oozed out of me; it was a passion that filled my whole being.

My favourite subjects at school were Art and Music, and so when it came to choosing a place to take my studies further, I knew I had to go to Art College. While studying at college, I began to specialise in ceramics- a medium which I found to be both fun and meanable. As I was born in Stoke-on-Trent, and have ancestors in the ceramic industry, I often wonder about the influence that this has had on me and my work. I completed my final exhibition on teapots (I was a little obsessed with them at the time!) and began to focus my work on items based around the home.

Attending University allowed my passion for art and design to flourish. I found University to be a playground for freedom and creativity- it truly opened my mind to the magical world of art. I quickly discovered that I wanted to develop my specialism in ceramics further. I began creating and designing furniture for the home, such as lamps, dressing tables, and more.

After I left University, I was keen to face the world and get started- but where? I was a little confused as to where to start. Some of my friends were beginning to open their own workshops, but I just didn’t feel ready. I found myself faced with answering the question- what did I want to give the world?

Amy Lucy's Evolution

I was not just a designer, nor was I just a maker- I was both. I had a keen interest in business, and I knew that I wanted to create products. I considered continuing my studies further and went for an interview for a master’s degree at St Martins. To my surprise, my future husband, Mark, greeted me outside with the biggest bunch of roses! With this, my mind had been made- I realised that I wanted to stay in Shropshire and marry Mark. A little later, we welcomed our precious children into the world, and I carried on creating some small jewellery pieces and sculptures (but nothing too much).

As my children grew, I became deeply interested in pattern design, and at New Designers somebody spotted me for a print award. It seems odd that I had not realised before that this is what I loved and what I wanted to focus on. Once I had my heart set on pattern design, I began making patterns, patterns, patterns, and lots of patterns!

My husband and I had begun setting up a Hen Party business, and, as it became increasingly successful, we began to delve into creating personalised items.

In 2017 I started the Amy Lucy Brand, as I wanted to show my patterns on products for the home. I started off by just designing my little mirrors in lots of different patterns- they made lovely gifts! As our hen party product range grew, so did our workshop.  I was able to produce my work using the warehouse for our hen party business, which was an enormous jump for my small and modest new Amy Lucy brand. Luckily, just a year before, we had moved from a smaller workshop to one that was much bigger- this allowed both businesses to grow alongside each other on the same premises. As Amy Lucy grew in popularity, and the brand continued to grow, we decided to merge the two businesses together.

Our Promise to You

As a brand, Amy Lucy focuses on designing beautiful products to a high standard- we believe it is our elegant designs and high-quality gifts that set us apart from our competitors. Our aim is to offer our customers an excellent service, so much so that they want to return! We try to fill the gaps in the market where the perfect gift does not exist, and we aim to offer unique gifts that cannot be found on the high street. Our ethos is to create products that are both meaningful and unique- we want our products to delight the recipient. 

Along with seeing my designs come to life, the best part of the business is knowing that my customers are happy. Although it may sound like a cliché, my aim truly is to make other people happy. I search for goodness and light in life and wish to share that with you. Amy Lucy products are made with my love to let you show your love to others. 

We are looking forward to the future and are overflowing with designs and products that we want to produce for our customers. We are so excited about all of the possibilities that lie ahead, and we look forward to building the Amy Lucy brand together.