Our story began with a simple, yet profound love for the magic of giving. Imagine those heartfelt moments when eyes light up and smiles spread wide; those moments were our inspiration. For every woman who believes in the beauty of giving, we've created a haven. Here, you'll find not just gifts, but expressions of love, tokens of appreciation, and gestures that say, "I see you, I cherish you, and I celebrate the light you bring into my life." We believe in the power of gifts to evoke love, to heal, to connect, and to make every moment extraordinary. Welcome to our world—one where your passion for making someone feel loved finds its perfect expression.

Amy Lucy - Brand Success

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About Our Founder

Amy graduated University in 2004 after receiving a 1st Class Honours Degree in Art & Design. She has devoted her life to pursuing her passion for creativity and caring for her family. She combined both skills to create heartfelt gifts for her loved ones.

She now dedicates her time to designing beautiful gifts and packaging so that you can send beautiful gifts to your loved ones that create lasting memories and meaningful relationships.

Message from Amy

"We are so grateful for your support as part of the Amy Lucy community. Each sale helps us build our dream and provides for our family. Your photos, feedback, kind words, and messages touch our hearts. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all who have supported us and will in the future. With love,"
 Amy Lucy x

Why Choose US

Get to know Amy in 6 exciting facts!

Join us in bringing people together with unique and heartwarming gifts! Personalised presents are all about the person receiving them. Let's dive into what makes Amy tick!
  • Ragdoll Cats

    She adores her two stunning Ragdoll kitties as if they were her own kids!
  • Top Secret Real Name

    Her marital name is "Hoar" so she uses her middle name "Lucy" for obvious reasons.
  • Hot Chocolate & Period Dramas

    Night-time bliss is curling up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate and indulging in captivating period dramas. Enjoy the perfect way to unwind!
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)

    In 2021, Amy faced a challenging diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis (MS). She turned this hardship into a beautiful collection of positivity products that spread joy and hope.
  • Petit In Size but Not In Personality

    Amy is almost 5ft tall, but she's keeping that little secret to herself! #ShortGirlProblems
  • Husband, Daughter & Son

    Meet Amy, a super mum with a husband and two amazing kids. Look out for the "Designed by Chloe May" label on products – her creative daughter Chloe is behind the brand's designs!
Amy Lucy holding her ragdoll cat called Bamboo
Amy Lucy and Chloe May designing products on an ipad